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Telephone Services

Dialling codes

  • Telephone numbers beginning 0800 or 0808 are free from UK landlines.
  • Telephone numbers beginning 0845 are charged at the standard call rate.
  • Telephone numbers beginning 09 (eg 0900 or 0905) are premium rate numbers and are very expensive to use. Beware computer software companies and other ‘advice' lines who promote these numbers - there is usually a cheaper method of obtaining the information you need. Check company websites or ask at the International Office first.
  • Mobile phone numbers begin with 07.

More information and a searchable telephone directory is available via the online BT Phonebook

International dialling codes

You will need the country dialling code to make international calls from the UK. However, Skype offers an economic way to speak to friends and family over the internet. Your friends and family will also need to download the software.

Calling from outside the UK

If you are telephoning here from outside the UK you will need to dial your international access code - 44 for the UK - followed by the full telephone number without the first zero.

For example University College Falmouth's Woodlane Reception: Your country access code - 44 - 1326 211077.

Public telephones

Public telephones accept coins (£2, £1, 50p, 20p, and 10p) or you can buy phonecards from stationers, newsagents, and Post Offices.

Mobile phones

Many students now use mobile phones. If you already own a mobile phone, you may want to explore the option of buying a SIM card in the UK. Alternatively you can buy mobile phones on a 'pay-as you-go' package or with a 'pay-monthly' contract.

Pay-as-you-go packages allow you to 'top-up' your phone with credit as and when you need it. Pay-monthly contracts offer free or low cost phones and inclusive minutes/SMS/data allowance, but lock you in to a fixed term contract (usually a minimum of 12 months) with a monthly fee.

Using an overseas mobile phone and SIM will incur very high call, SMS and data charges.

Cornwall does not offer 100% mobile phone coverage due to its hilly terrain and some mobile phone networks offer better coverage than others. There are several mobile phone retailers in the local area who can advise you, or speak to the International Office.

Further information about buying and using a mobile phone in the UK can be found here.

Directory services

The Yellow Pages and the Phone Book list local residents and businesses. is an online version of the Yellow Pages, listing businesses in the local area. The online BT Phonebook and allow you to search for residential and business telephone numbers. You could also search on Infobel for worldwide telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses.

A number of telephone directory services are availabe who find and connect you to the number you want. There is a fee for using these services and calls are charged at a higher rate than if you dialled the number yourself. All these services can also tell you the number or send it to your mobile phone by SMS:

  • 118 500 - BT Directory Enquiries
  • 118 505 - BT International Directory Enquiries
  • 155 - Operator Services

Other directory services include:

A full list of companies and prices can be found here.

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