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UCF vacation periods

Foundation and Undergraduate courses include vacation breaks over Christmas and Easter, with a long break over the summer. Postgraduate courses have a short break over Christmas and Easter, but continue through the summer.

Full details of term and vacation dates for the next academic year can be found here

These vacation periods provide an opportunity for you to return home, or to do some travelling. You can get to know more about this country by staying with a British family as part of the Host scheme: We thoroughly recommend the Host scheme if you are interested in getting to know more about domestic life in the UK.

Public holidays

There are currently eight permanent public holidays (bank holidays) in England and Wales and an additional one in 2012:

  2012 2013
New Year's Day 2 January* 2 January*
Good Friday 6 April 29 March
Easter Monday 9 April 1 April
Royal wedding - -
Early May Bank Holiday 7 May 6 May
Spring Bank Holiday 4 June* 27 May
Queen's Diamond Jubilee 5 June -
Summer Bank Holiday 27 August 26 August
Christmas Day 26 December* 25 December
Boxing Day 26 December 26 December

* substitute day

When the usual date of a bank or public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, a 'substitute day' is given, normally the following Monday. For example in 2009, Boxing Day was on Saturday, 26 December, so there was a substitute bank holiday on Monday, 28 December.

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